Air cleaner - what is the CADR value

Air cleaner - what is the CADR value

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

The Clean Air Delivery Rate, for short CADR, of an air purifier is the numerical value corresponding to an air purifier based on independent tests performed for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). AHAM has been evaluating the CADR of air filters since the 80s.

The CADR value is an indication of the volume of filtered - fresh air that a air purifier can deliver. The CADR value describes how well the air purifier reduces cigarette smoke, pollen and dust. In other words, CADR is the objective evaluation standard, by which potential buyers can easily evaluate the effectiveness of an air purifier.

How is CADR determined?

The certification is done by special independent laboratories, certified with the standard ANSI / AHAM AC-1-198..

• The cleaner is placed in a test chamber of 1008 cubic feet [about 28.54 cubic meters].

• Before the air purifier is put into operation, the amount of pollutants in the room is measured.

• The air purifier is switched on at the highest fan speed and for a period of twenty minutes, during which the amount of pollutants is periodically reassessed.

• Finally, the reduction of pollutants is compared with the natural rate of decomposition.

When this test is completed, the controllers proceed to evaluate the device.


According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency:

"CaDR is the rating of the air purifier's ability to provide air pollutant-free to the site, expressed in cubic feet per minute. For example, if an air purifier has a CADR 250 rating for dust particles, it can reduce dust particle levels to the same concentration that will be achieved by adding 250 cubic feet of fresh air every minute."


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