Permanent Drainage Hose
Permanent Drainage Hose

Permanent Drainage Hose

Σωληνάκι Αποστράγγισης

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Flexible continuous drainage hose of 12mm and 14mm.


With our drainage hose, you no longer have to worry about constantly emptying the water tank in your dehumidifier. Simply attach the hose to your dehumidifier and let it do the work for you. The hose can be easily routed to a nearby drain or sink, ensuring that the excess water is safely and efficiently removed from your home. To ensure effective utilization of the continuous drainage hose, it is essential to elevate the dehumidifier, allowing gravity to facilitate the smooth flow of water through the hose. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the hose is always going downhill, it is not blocked or kinked. Made from high-quality material, our drainage hose is durable and resistant to kinks and tangles. Its flexible design allows for easy installation and maneuverability, making it the ideal choice for Kullhaus and Meaco dehumidifier models. You can buy the drainage hose by the meter, but it is advisable that your drainage hose measures 2 meters in length. Do not to use a longer hose, as it may result in less efficient drainage of the collected water.


Consult the table below to choose the drainage hose in mm that is suitable for your dehumidifier.





Kullhaus alpha Q13L

Kullhaus alpha Q20L

Kullhaus alpha Q13L Pro

Kullhaus alpha Q20L Pro

Meaco Platinum 12L / 25L

Kullhaus Qualis 12L

Kullhaus Qualis 20L

Kullhaus Qualis 25L

Meaco Platinum 20L

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