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Kullhaus QUALIS 12L dehumidifier sale ions
από 338,00€ 270,00€

Kullhaus QUALIS 12L dehumidifier

από 338,00€ 270,00€

Kullhaus Qualis 12L dehumidifier for 60m²
Low Energy dehumidifier | ONLY 170W !

Compressor Dehumidifiers

The compressor dehumidifier absorves the air out of the room with the help of a fan, is filtering the air by it's filter and directs it to liquid coils, similar to those of the refrigerator. The compressor compresses refrigerant gas which reduces the temperature of the condenser, the coils are cooling, as a result of which the air is cooled far below the dew point / liquefaction, thus the water vapor contained in air converted to water (condensed) and flows to the dehumidifier water tank. The dry air then heated to room temperature levels and exits the dehumidifier into the room.
Compressor dehumidifiers are suitable for use when the room temperature is above 15 °C.
Vacation houses, garage or basements or other rooms that are not sufficiently heated and the temperature may drop below 15 °C, desiccant dehumidifiers should be installed.

 Compressor Dehumidifiers: operation mode

The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas which drops the condenser temperature,
the coils are cooled, resulting in the air being cooled well below the dew / liquefaction point.
Thus the water vapor contained in the air is converted into water droplets (condensed),
which flows to the water tank of the dehumidifier or are drained away through a hose.
The dry air is then released back into the room.


What should you look for to choose the right dehumidifier with a compressor?

- How many square meters / cubic meters does it cover?
- What is the dehumidification capacity (liters of water / day) and especially at what room temperature and in what percentage of relative humidity?
- The consumption given by the manufacturer is it according the usual international standards of Rated power 27℃ / RH60% ?
- What is the actual consumption of the dehumidifier? (Meaco & Kullhaus give detailed laboratory results)?
- Does the dehumidifier have a precision digital humidifier?
- What is the actual noise level? We always advise customers to listen to the noise while the dehumidifier is running?
- Does it have an air filter? Does it have an ionizer?
- Does it have Laundry Mode?
- Does it have a restart function after a power failure?
- Does it have an indication of a full container and its poor placement alarm?
- How many liters is the water tank?
- Does it have a continuous drainage option?
- How easy is it to move around


Low Energy Compressor Dehumidifiers


KULLSAVE Energy Saving System

All Kullhaus Low Energy dehumidifiers are designed to use less energy than standard models. In addition, Kullhaus dehumidifiers are equipped with the KULLSAVE smart energy saving function for even smaller running cost. A Kullhaus dehumidifier will work for as long as it takes to achieve the relative humidity you choose. Then the compressor will stop, the fan will operate for about 3 minutes on the low speed and the dehumidifier will go to sleep for 17 minutes.  After 17 minutes only the fan will turn on for about 2 minutes, in order to check the humidity levels of the room. If the relative humidity has increased by + 3% above the desired level, the Kullhaus dehumidifier will enter dehumidification mode.  Otherwise, the fan will run for about 3 minutes on the low speed and the dehumidifier will go back to sleep for 17 minutes and so on.


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