Dehumidifier Buying Guide

Is your room well heated? Is there a temperature over 15°C?

Dehumidifier with compressor or Desiccant: which one should I choose?

The compressor dehumidifier has the maximum dehumidifying capacity when the room temperature is around 20 ℃ and above. The lower the room temperature, the lower the water collection from the dehumidifier with a compressor.  With less than 15 ℃ the dehumidifier with compressor becomes inefficient since the dehumidification capacity decreases drastictly.
On the contrary, the zeolite (desiccant) dehumidifier works from 1 ℃ unaffected, without reducing its efficiency. It should be used in houses / rooms where either there is no heating or the heating is occasional and insufficient.

General rule:

In rooms where the room temperature is below 15 ° C, a desiccant should be used. It is the only dehumidifier technology that works unaffected at low temperatures.
Conversely, when the room temperature is higher than 15° C it is recommended to use a dehumidifier with a compressor. It will have a greater dehumidifying capacity, with a much lower power consumption.