Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater
Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater
Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater
Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater
Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater
Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater
Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater
Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater
Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater
Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater

Atlantic F120 DESIGN Panel Heater



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Convector Atlantic F120 Design Digital

5 years warranty

The Atlantic F120 electric heater features a new digital display with easy of settings, simplified weekly scheduling setup and the ability to create a daily operating schedule based on your needs. Like all Atlantic heaters, the F120 design is equipped with an electronic space thermostat, an aluminum heating element, overheating safety and a highly sensitive precision thermostat. The Atlantic F120 heater is a reliable, elegant compact radiator that can be used as standard or additional heating equipment.
Available in 1000W / 1500W / 2000W / 2500W


The Atlantic F120 heater uses HD technology. It is an innovative development that allows air flow to be diffused through natural flow in combination with heating radiation. Due to the special geometric shape of the surface of the front panel, the convector has improved heat transfer. The front frame of the convector is quickly heated and evenly distributes heat, which ensures comfortable operation.


99% of the energy it consumes is converted into heat of the heated room. The digital thermostat of the Atlantic F120 Design Digital heater has been designed to achieve the maximum heating efficiency with the greatest energy savings.


The open window detection function, the possibility of weekly programming, the 7 pre-installed heating programs, the extensive functions of the developer, the easy to use, the possibility of installation on the wall and the possibility of floor use (the floor base is purchased separately) are just some of the advantages of the Atlantic F120 design radiator. Particularly rapid heat efficiency, which through the natural flow of air, quickly diffuses into the heated room.


electric heater Atlantic F120 design

Atlantic F120 Design Digital | Dimensions

Model Output W HxWxD cm Weight (kg)
F120 Design Digital 10 1000W 46,1 x 46,5 x 11,4 3,7
F120 Design Digital 15 1500W 46,1 x 61,3 x 11,4 4,6
F120 Design Digital 20 2000W 46,1 x 76,1 x 11,4 5,3
F120 Design Digital 25 2000W 46,1 x 90,9 x 11,4 6,4



- Quick and homogeneous heat diffusion thanks to an effcient heat distribution on the appliance surface
- High quality cold resistance, shielded in aluminum
- Works by natural flow, does not blow (does not dry the atmosphere)


- Immediate response of the thermostat to room temperature
- High-precision electronic thermostat
- Open window detection
- Weekly programming on a free daily basis & electronic regulation
- 7 pre-installed heating programs
- Instead, air conditioners and air heaters, the convector does not blow hot air. It dissipates heat and so when we turn it off the room retains the heat
- It does not retain the heat it produces, but delivers it 100% to the space


- The outer surface of the body does not burn, no burnings are caused
- Double insulation Classe II
- IP24 Protection
- Thermal safety protection against overheating
- Bathroom installation (Splash proof)
- Easy to install: H-shaped vertical support
- Body drop Safety - when the body is on a floor stand and fall, it automatically shuts down
- Upscale and modern design for easy integration in any home interior
- Possibility of mounting a floor base (purchased separately)
- White colour (RAL 9016)
- 5 years warranty from the official dealer (Sani Hellas SA)

New Digital Display with 3 heating modes: Comfort / Eco / Prog

- Comfort mode: temperature can be regulated from 12 °C to 28 °C / at 7°C (anti-frost) / OFF
- Eco mode: temperature can be regulated from 10°C to 19°C /at 7 °C (anti-frost) / OFF
- Prog mode: adjustable temperature setting per day & hour


Sani Hellas SA - importers NOBO, ATLANTIC, KULLHAUS, MEACO

Atlantic F120 DESIGN DIGITAL - Instruction sheet

Atlantic F120 DESIGN DIGITAL - Certificate

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