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NOBO Panel Heater NUL4T sale
Nobo NUL4T Compact
από 187,00€ 150,00€

NOBO Panel Heater NUL4T

από 187,00€ 150,00€

ΝΟΒΟ Panel Heaters NUL4T

Electric Heating

Sani hellas SA presents to the Greek public the ability to choose from a rich variety of quality electric heating products, which provide energy savings and low operating costs. The construction quality of the two arguably largest European companies, with tradition in electric heating will really excite you. Instantaneous heating panels, heat convectors, electric towel rails compose a complete proposal for quality and low consumption heating of the home and office.

NOBØ has been manufacturing electric heat panels for domestic use since 1947 in STJØRDAL, Norway. Traditionally the largest Norwegian manufacturer of electric radiators. Norwegian NOBØ heating panels have always been the top sellers in the Nordic countries and the best-selling Norwegian radiators in the world.

Atlantic since 1968 produces and develops its products to the requirements of the European household. It is by far the largest European company specializing in electric heating. With sales exceeding 3 million radiators per year and 10,600 employees worldwide.


Electric Heating Advantages

All NOBØ and Atlantic electric heating models have:

● Autonomous electronic thermostat of high sensitivity (deviation ± 0,1C ° - ± 0,05C °), which is the main advantage for the low consumption of radiators

● Immediate response of the thermostat to room temperature

● Energy saving

● Immediate performance

● Fully silent operation 

● Thermal safety and protection against overheating

 ● Room temperature sensor

● Each electric space heater operates independently, with an independent room thermostat and on / off switch

● No need for maintenance

● Environmentally friendly, fully recyclable

● Warranty and immediate service by Greece dealer Sani hellas SA