Indoor plants that make us healthier!

Indoor plants that make us healthier!

Did you know that houseplants can improve our health?

And yet, it is true! Many of them absorb common pollutants, act as natural air filters and make us healthier!


Most of us have choosing indoor plants taking as parameter of how easy is to maintian the or how nice it looks in our home. But there are other parameters to consider, such as the health benefits of some plants!

Adopt these beautiful plants, which protect you and your family from common pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera may be known for its healing properties but it also has another ... super power. It grows easily and helps to remove formaldehyde and benzene from your home, which are by-products of paints and chemical cleaners.

Aloe Vera loves the sun, so you should place it in a bright place in your home.

Bamboo Phoenix

Bamboo Phoenix is ​​considered one of the best indoor plants for removing indoor toxins. This cute plant is very tolerant of indoor conditions and will grow best in diffused light. It is ideal for the home, as it is easy to maintain, non-toxic and safe for pets.

Allow the bamboo palm tree to thrive by placing it in an area with plenty of indirect sunlight.


Fern is considered by plants to act as natural humidifiers, while at the same time cleansing the air of toxins. Although this plant is very tolerant of drought and partial light, it prefers moist soil and bright light.

Placing it in a bright place and frequent watering will allow your fern to thrive and fill your home with cleaner air with plenty of moisture.


Sansivieria, or "mother-in-law's tongue", is a plant that loves little light and can survive in places with a lot of humidity. It is considered as one of the best plants for filtering formaldehyde. In addition, it is easy to maintain it in areas of your home that do not have much light.

Since formaldehyde is often found in cleaning products, toilet paper and personal care products, an ideal place to beautify your space would be your bathroom.


We can consider ivy an outdoor plant that adds "rustic" charm to old buildings. But ivy has the ability to clean the air inside the house, while absorbing mold!

Ivy loves bright light and slightly dry soil. So, choose to place it in the sunniest part of the house!

Decorating tip:

Clay pots will become your best friends! They are economical, they are beautiful and you can find them in any size you want! Plants with bright green foliage will look beautiful on them! Try to place 2 or 3 clay pots with plants close to each other, for an impressive result!

Indoor plants have always been a popular trend in home decoration, while at the same time they clean the atmosphere inside the house. The same goes for Kullhaus ionizer air purifiers: they effectively treat allergies, odors, the harmful elements of cigarette smoke and other pollutants.

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