Panel Heater F125 DESIGN DIGITAL
Panel Heater F125 DESIGN DIGITAL
Panel Heater F125 DESIGN DIGITAL
Panel Heater F125 DESIGN DIGITAL
Panel Heater F125 DESIGN DIGITAL
Panel Heater F125 DESIGN DIGITAL

Panel Heater F125 DESIGN DIGITAL



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Atlantic F125 DESIGN DIGITAL electric heater

The F125 DESIGN digital electric heater is a high-end active heat convector with an integrated simplified programming and 8-hour timer. This appliance features a digital controls and high-end modern design, allowing fast heating and homogenous heat diffusion. Thanks its high-precision electronic thermostat and open windows detection, the F125 DESIGN digital heater maximizes your energy savings and comfort ! Mounted on the wall (wall mounting kit included in the package) or floor standing option (Atlantic floor stand purchased separately).

Model Output W HxWxD cm Weight
F125 Design Digital 10 1000W 46,1 x 46,5 x 11,4 3,5
F125 Design Digital 15 1500W 46,1 x 61,3 x 11,4 4,4
F125 Design Digital 20 2000W 46,1 x 76,1 x 11,4 5,3
F125 Design Digital 25 2500W 46,1 x 90,9 x 11,4 6,2



This is an innovative development that allows airflow to be distributed through physical transport. Due to the geometric shape of the front panel surface, the radiator has improved heat transfer. Immediate heating, which does not dry the atmosphere. The front of the radiator is heated immediately and the heat that emerges from the blinds is evenly distributed in the space. (natural air flow)

Weekly Programer and 8-hour timer

The panel heater F125 Design has 5 factory pre-installed programs and one configurable (P1, P2, P3, P4, only Comfort, P5 only ECO). Easily and quickly adjust the hours you are at home or the office to the comfortable temperature (Comfort) and economical (Eco) when you are outside.

- Galvanized steel wall support frame included
- Floor standing option (Floor-based kit is available separately)
- Completely silent mode
- Very short warm-up time
- High-precision electronic room thermostat (hysterisis +/- 0,1°C)
- Room temperature sensor
- Operating options: Comfortable 10-28 ° (comfort), Economy (Eco), Glacier 7 ° C, STOP,
- Instant reaction of the sensor
- Programming (Prog), TIMER, Open window.
- Weekly scheduling
- 3 pre-installed programs: P1, P2, P3. 1 user program: P4.
- TIMER function for scheduled switch-off of the device.
- ECO + mode, the device starts operating up to 15 minutes earlier when necessary.
- Child lock
- Open window detection function.
- Operating light


- Low power consumption
- Instant heating
- It does not dry the air
- Cold resistance shielded in aluminium
- Ultimate safety due to Class II, IP24 protection and dual electric insulation
- Anti-tilt system and automatic overheating safety device.


- Splash proof (IP24)
- Bathroom installation option
- Color: white RAL 9016 (epoxy-polyester varnish)
- 5-year warranty from official dealer SANI HELLAS

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