NOBO NTL2N Slimline panel heater
NOBO NTL2N Slimline panel heater
NOBO NTL2N Slimline panel heater
NOBO NTL2N Slimline panel heater
NOBO NTL2N Slimline panel heater
NOBO NTL2N Slimline panel heater

NOBO NTL2N Slimline panel heater


NOBO NTL2N Slimline

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Model Power W HxWxD cm  
NTL2N07 750W 20x102,5x5,5  
NTL2N10 1000W 20x132,5x5,5  
NTL2N 12 1250W 20x152,5x5,5  

Nobo NTL2N Slimline panel heaters

Nobo is the largest Scandinavian electric heating company.

The Norwegian Nobo NTL2N radiators are well known to the Greek public for their low height [20cm only], quality of construction and reliable operation.


Even more rounded corners

NOBO NTL2N Slimline panel heater get even more rounded corners, increasing the safety of children in case of possible fall.


NCU-2Te Digital Thermostat | Even more energy saving

Innovation: NOBO introduces the NCU-2Te digital thermostat for the first time. The new NOBO thermostat offers you the possibility:

1. select one of the 9 default operating programs according to your needs

2. for each NTL2N Slimline radiator separately.

3. for each day of the week and a different schedule

Choose which times of the day the heat panel will operate at a comfortable temperature and when at an economical temperature. For each radiator, you individually define which temperature will be the comfortable and which the economic. NOBO always aims to serve the modern needs of every home and the greatest power savings.

Fully silent operation
Digital Weekly Programmer / thermostat (deviation ± 0.05C °)
Room temperature sensor
Immediate response of the thermostat to room temperature
Low consumption
Heating immediacy
Efficiency 100%, as they do not withhold the heat they produce.

Larger heating surface
The heat diffuses harmoniously into the space
They do not air dry
High quality cold resistance, shielded in aluminum
Heat diffusion from the back of the panel

Security! The outer surface of the body does not burn, no burnings are caused
Thermal safety protection against overheating
Body drop Safety - when the body is on a floor stand and fall, it automatically shuts down
Spash proof

Double insulation Classe II
Small, practical dimensions
Possibility of mounting a  floor base with wheels
Bathroom installation
Color: white (RAL 9016). Electrostatic powder painting
7 years warranty from the official dealer (SANI HELLAS)

Nobo NUL2N Manual

Nobo Brochure

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