What is the ideal temperature for the baby room?

What is the ideal temperature for the baby room?

Tips To Keep A Safe And Comfortable Home Temperature For Your Baby All Year Round.

The arrival of a newborn is always a happy but at the same time stressful moment. You want to provide him with everything including a home, at the ideal temperature for your baby .

An cold nursery is not suitable for your baby, but even a too high temperature can become dangerous for a newborn.

It is known that newborns need warm temperatures to feel like in mom's womb. However, an overly warm nursery can become even dangerous for infants up to twelve months of age.

This happens when babies are not able to wake up when something goes wrong with their physiology. A baby sleeping in a room with a particularly high temperature is more likely to stay asleep, rather than cry and "activate" his parents that something is wrong.

To set the temperature to the correct levels for the infant, keep the room temperature between 22 and 24 degrees C throughout the year. The rest of the house can stay at the recommended 20-22 degrees.

To make sure your baby is safe and comfortable, follow Sani Hellas' advice:

To maintain a safe, comfortable room temperature for your baby in summer:

Use light and cool sheets and dress your baby in seasonal clothes.

Choose for a children's room a cool part of the house, such as the northern one.

Make sure the crib is positioned away from the registered feeders to avoid insuflux of cold air directly to your baby.

Only open one window in the children's room, but as long as the outside temperature allows it.

Consider using a fan to improve air circulation and reduce home noise, but do not allow air flow to be directed at the infant.

Make sure your baby gets lots of fluids so that it stays well hydrated.

Watch for signs of overheating, such as sweating, wet hair, quick breathing, redyed cheeks and rashes. If you notice these signs, remove one or more clothes to help your baby cool down.

To maintain a safe, comfortable home temperature for your baby in winter:

Wear some extra clothing to your baby, such as a sleeping bag over his pajamas. Be careful not to over-dressed, especially if your baby has a fever, as his body temperature will rise further.

Place the duvets and blankets you use outside his crib to avoid overheating and the risk of suffocation.

Avoid putting a cap on your baby's head during sleep. His head helps regulate his body temperature and a cap can affect it.

If you need to place a radiator in the children's room, do not place it near the crib. Make sure the hot air flow is away from your baby.

Sani Hellas can help you and your baby be safe and comfortable.

When it comes to regulating your baby's temperature, nothing is more important than functional heating. Visit Sani Hellas experts for assistance in the maintenance, repair and replacement of heating equipment. We can also install programmable thermostats and area systems to help you adjust the temperature in your baby's room.

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